final quilting of DWR

At last, after what seems an epic quilting journey, the end of this project is in sight.  One more day of quilting and it’s done.  Well, that part of it.  Then there is the washing, blocking, binding etc.  I’m almost there.  Ignore the water soluble blue pen marks, and the soluble thread, they will disappear as soon as it’s washed.  I have lost count of the amount of time spent creating and quilting this DWR, but it has been on my longarm for weeks.  A piped binding would be a nice finish, but I haven’t done one before, so am expecting another challenge with that method.  There are so many great examples out there on the internet, , but then again I will have to do a tester first to get the method right.  I am happy with the way both the back and front look.  The back is interesting as the natural thread used for dense micro stipples gives visual imppact on the white fabric, defining the motifs nicely.  I agonised over how to quilt the arcs, and settled on using monfilament top and bottom and a simple traditional arc design.  One must respect the tradition of a DWR, and I feel that using McTavishing and micro stipples on the free white space along with trapunto was interesting enough.


About Quick Quilt

I am a longarm quilter, quilt designer, and producer of hand dyed fabric.
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1 Response to final quilting of DWR

  1. Mereana Hams says:

    Lisa, I think your quilt is just beautiful and the Trapunto looks great. I too have had problems with water erasable pens. They are very frustrating at times.

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