Gorgeous french braid quilts

There has been a braid quilt frenzy.  These two superb examples were sent to me for quilting.  Both were made using very different colour-ways that give an entirely different attitude for each quilt.  I got their owners permission to share them with you. They were a joy to work on.

Each quilt had different threads used and the effects were realy interesting.  The red, black and white quilt has charcoal coloured thread, and it blended beautifully across all colours.  The harvest coloured quilt had a variegated tan thread that worked extremely well across all the colours, from the olive feature triangles to the pumpkin centre, right through to the sand coloured strips.  The variegated thread gave real visual interest, combined with the all over, edge to edge design.


About 2010quilts

I am a longarm quilter, quilt designer, and producer of hand dyed fabric.
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One Response to Gorgeous french braid quilts

  1. Mereana Hams says:

    The braid quilts are just beautiful. Can’t wait to start one.

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