Jenny’s crane and peony couch cover in autumn tones

My friend Jenny was looking to update her decor, and a couch cover using the Robert Kaufman Imperial Collection seemed the perfect choice.   We have shared the agonies and joys of many quilt projects over the years and this was another adventure,  Jenny likes muted subtle colours, however there is nothing muted or subtle about this couch cover.    I started by using a tape measure to measure each flat surface, the rolls over the arms were a bit challenging to measure, so we cut up an old sheet to use as a template for each of the flat panels.  This would make piecing the parts together a bit easier in the final steps.  Each part was stitched with a view to getting the colour to flow harmoniously over the cover.  There are green, cream and brown strips of colour going up and over the couch arms, sides and backs.  Getting the “flow” was challenging and took careful planning in view of placing the  9-patch and random picture blocks so it would be pleasing to the eye.  This project used quite a lot of fabric.  Each panel was made to be fit exactly, however the arm rolls were made a bit bigger to give some lee-way when joining up all the panels into one cover.  The arm rolls were stitched last to help get an accurate fit.  Velcro was stitched down onto the bottom corners and in the “bum” section to give stability and save the cover moving around or pulling up when it was sat upon.  The fabrics blend perfectly with the decor of the room.   Freeform feathers were quilted all over to give strength and beauty with Matilda’s Own 100% cotton batting over plain calico backing.   I encourage anyone to try making their own unique couch cover,  it was a large project,  just a little challenging getting the fit just right, but the results are worth it. 


About 2010quilts

I am a longarm quilter, quilt designer, and producer of hand dyed fabric.
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One Response to Jenny’s crane and peony couch cover in autumn tones

  1. debra lyn green says:

    My goodness, what a lot of work. But a spectacular result!

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